Friday, November 13, 2009

Called a Faggot by 2 students

On Tuesday Parent Teacher conferencing day and night, 2 brothers from my school called me a Faggot.

As hurt as I was I went head on with the situation. It happened while I was getting my lunch on the way to a dinner. Right in front of an entire community they decided that it was OK to call me a faggot and to run to not be caught. I was enraged I wanted blood. But I knew that they were children, plus this is not the first time that I have dealt with this kind of harassment so I went head on with it.

I went to my Assistant Principal first and explained to her what took place and she recommended me to see the Principal. I went to my Principal and she was so freaking understanding, I am blessed. She told me that she was going to handle it. Plus I went public to all my co-workers. I told every one that this shit took place where they work. They all were enraged. One teacher told me this is disgraceful. We can’t tolerate this. Even one of the parents at my school called me aside and mentioned to me that she was disgusted by what happened to me. I am openly gay at school and everyone in my school had met Allan, but this was not even about that. It was not about their acceptance of my lifestyle. The educators that I work with have a deeper meaning of what it is to be fair and sympathetic. They are open, honest and have a true sense of commitment and fair practice. I love my school.

So Wednesday it was Veterans Day. Thursday, I was absent due to a doctor’s appointment. While a the doctors office I got a called from the school guidance counselor and she told me that she was fed up with those two boys but she wanted me to relate what took place to her. I told her my side of the story and she documented the case. She told me “we are calling the police. We are asking the parents to come in for a big Pow Wow.”

Friday I showed up and the Principal approached me she asked me if the reason why I was absent Thursday, was because I was still down for what had happen. I told her about my appointment and her respond was "We called the cops on them and they have an official suspension from the Department of Education. Plus the Mother is getting suited because on that day, they were on a rampage and were braking windows of some homes in the community". After feeling the pressure from the police the youngest brother told the principal “I only called him faggot once.” The Principal told him that is unacceptable in my school. Word has it, that the Principal wants to put pressure on the parents to have them transfer to another school.

I am so proud of myself for speaking up and going public on these two. I made sure that everyone knew that I know how to fight back. But Over all the best part of that Horrible Parent teacher day was that 60 parents visited me 51 signed in all of them super duper supportive. Woof I love that community I love my school.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mother Fucking Loving Lady Gaga Bad Romance Is What's going on?

Hubby turned me on to Lady Gaga. She fucking got it going on. I am adoring myself some Lady Gaga. The Daddy Butch left the circuit, now the radical queer speaking here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Salo or 120 days of Sodom when I was 16.

120 Days of Sodom - Trailer (Salo 120 Días de Sodoma)

When I was teenager, I used to go to a local theatre that every Tuesdays they will have Foreign movies. They will show Japanese movies, Swedish, French, Spanish, Chinese.

I used to get a kick out of them. Specially the karate flicks I used to bring my neighbors for the Karate flicks and they were uncontrollable. They will run through out the theater kicking and fight acting, I used to love the fact that people will get annoyed with them and cursed them out. They gave a shit what people thought of them. One time a woman told one of them to stop jumping from the seat to seat and jimmy pull down his pants and farded at the woman’s face. I was on the floors laughing like a hyena.

Well one time there was this film whose director I did not know his work, Pier Paolo Pasolinni. The movie called my attention right away because it was x rated. So here I went thinking of the hand job that I was going to entertain following the movie. I paid my entrance and alone I sat down to watch the most decadent perverse frightening movie of my life. Up until this day I can’t honestly say that I like the movie, but is that kind of experience that you can never erase. Imagine Caligula X version, with a more contemporary look, and ten times more perverse.

I know that a lot of the members of the queer community have lots of issues with the movie. But this was not even a movie about queer constructions. Peir Paolo Pasolinni himself was queer. He has the most wonderful collection of movies with a huge preoccupation with human sexuality. Arabian Nights, beautiful dream like movie, Canterbury tales, awesome dialogue between the fairy tales and the sexuality meant to provoke. Salo was about Fascism during Mussolini’s time and how in a corrupt society the church, the army, the law, and the government in its patriarchal formation can get away with genocide.

There is a part in the movie were one of the Main Characters, tells to a group of youngsters when they arrived that they should consider themselves dead from the moment of arrival. Recently I went back to recap some of the trailers, I was 16 years old when I saw the movie and was amazed at one of the statements the character made. He said that Fascists are the true anarchists because they a urge for power.

Not long ago Ramona had a post in where she was talking about the fringe like the birther, as anarchist and I on the other hand consider them fascists nor anarchist, but Pier Paolo Pasolini summarixed them and in one singe sentence Pasolinni was capable of mapping their trajectory. Rumor has it that Passolini was kill right after the movie debuted in retaliation against the movie. I warned you be prepared to be shocked. But in a fictional historical context the movie has great relevance.

Joe Lieberman is deplorable.

I am so much hating Joe Lieberman. He is a deplorable scum bag. He needs to be taken down. And the fact that he is from my home state makes it so much personal. I truly hate him. Well, there is something we can all do. Raise awareness for his defeat. He needs to come down. Like yesterday. Progressive Change has a campaign please stop by and make sure your voice is included.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I am having a hard time blogging

As you already know I am having a hard time blogging. I have a full time job a part time job plus I go to the gym everyday for at least 3 to 4 hours. My day starts at 3am and ends at 11pm sometimes. I am not complaining it is just what it is. I am lucky and grateful that I have a job and a part time job, which allows me a membership to the gym.

One of my responsibilities as the School Arts Liaison is that I am in charge of the stage design for our school plays. And I like to go all out for my students. I build props and scenery and backdrops for the shows plus I get to mount it. For this last show the play was Bullies Anonymous so I had to build a “Bullyometer “ and it was fun. The kids loved it, a second grader came up to me and said. “Mr. Colon I love your work. And it is true we need to take care of this bully problem we have in our school.” The sad part about it, is that he is one of the bullies that we are so concerned with, only he is on denial. I love my school and my children, as an artist it is a great place to work and to be creative.

Which brings me to my next topic I haven’t being able to blog, as much as I want to. However the other night, It was late at nite and I was not able to sleep, so I stopped by Joy’s Babble on and she had this wonderful entry about a red wagon trivia. It was so nice to hear her story and to share mine with her. The experience was a million dollars worth .

Any suggestions anyone for my predicament.