Monday, August 31, 2009

South Carolina Lt Governor, Down Low and Anti-Gay

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer, outed. Blogger Mike Rogers from BlogActive reveals the closeted patterns of this anti-gay on the down low right-winger. There should be a special prosecution for homophobes politicians on the down low. I am so tired of these assholes, performing felatio behind close doors, while openly spewing anti-gay hatred. I hope his dirty knickers get exposed with manly stains other than his own. I wonder if the log cabin repugs are going to come out and rescue his ass.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week Review of The Blogshpere

I want to give credit to the bloogers on my network for the interesting topics and concerns they posted during this week. Just in case you missed any one of them, I suggest for you to visit the hyperlinked titles to the articles. Because I did not want to categorize any one, I decided that an alphabetical blog title list is the way to go.

By Allan. Sunday August 30, 2009 Allan was able to bring attention to an article in MotherJones on the cost of investigative journalism. Just when I was loosing interest in MotherJones, he helped me reconsider the good work of the site. PS. It just happen that "adventures" is the first blog to be alphabetically posted, not that I'm favoring my hubby.

by Allen Labels, Sunday August 23, 2009
This is a true Puppy story with a happy ending if you follow it up.

by Wonder Man, Friday, August 21, 2009
The little alone says it all. The follow up comments were superb.

By Kyle, Thursday, August 27, 2009
Kyle wrote a far more convincing argument in favor of Vegetarianism while exposing PETA, Save The Whales cruel campaign against fat people.

by Ms. Kitty, Friday August 28, 2009
Funny yet unnerving the way that people forget how to behave during a memorial service. I am glad that she was able to bring awareness to the fact that there was a dead senator in the room.

Posted by Bob,Thursay, August 27, 2009
Bob has a full range of topics and interests. He is also an excellent writer. Even though he was not the author of this article, he was able to highlight this important topic.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Glen Beck incoherent “OLIGARHY,”

Glen Beck keeps fucking up royally. In another attempt to vilify Obama, his acrostic poem ended up a misspelled word. I really think that he tried to spell out Oligarchy to summarize Obamas administration, but in a disturbing way it ended up being “OLIGARHY.” a quick read at Hoffington Post

For Katrina White vigilantes, shooting blacks; "was great! It was like pheasant season in South Dakota."

Maybe is just me but I am getting so tire of witnessing this kinds of events, and seeing this kinds of reactions as if it is normal. Listening to this documentary made me wonder how long can we continue to witness this without being affected by it. I am speechless, to say at least. for full report read Firedoglake.

A man arrested for counter protesting a tea bagger demonstration

A minister counter protesting a tea party in Brunswick, Ga., was arrested for not having a permit to demonstrate. The sad part about this is that one of the woman in the tea party demonstration told the police that they were not happy with the arrest, that the police should have allowed him to stay, of course she said this after the man was removed. Watch the clip at Turning Points

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pam’s House Blend... always steamin' by far my must read online magazine

I love to hit my computer to greet and to connect with my hubby Allan, with Ms. Kitty, withWonder Man, Bob, and so many others that are part of an interesting net of diversified points of opinions. However when it comes to political discourse, I love Pam's House Blend. The name itself, summarizes the effect the online magazine has on my spirit, since I like to read it first thing in the morning, while feasting on a Large Capuccino, from Dunkin Doughnuts. It makes me proud that it is also a Woman of Color and a Lesbian the chief editor of the magazine. Her concerns, and her speediness to respond to issues affecting the reality based communities is extraordinary. I just needed to get this out of my chest. Better than the Huffington Post and THE DAILY BEAST, Pam’s House Blend do deliver a wake up call.

J. Hamsher reminding us, Malcom X: "Don't Be A Chump"

Jane Hamsher, from FIREDOGLAKE wrote that "According to a new AARP poll, 79% of Americans (and 61% of Republicans) now favor the creation of a public plan. This morning a commenter quoted Malcolm X's "The Ballot or the Bullet" speech. It eerily evokes our present situation:"
Malcom X, had a great gifted mind to connect the odds that so many academics and politicians alike dismissed. I think that his message now, more than ever makes so much sense. If what it needs to happen is a fragmentation of the social make up of the nation, so then let it be and let the vote rule the way. Millions of people voted for Obama, Voted for hope. Now Democrats have to do the math, or face the loses.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tim Wise "race is a factor"

This conversation needs to happen more often. People need to be
made aware that race is a big factor against
Obama administration.

We Defeated Socialism! INSUROCORP

More of this to come in our near future.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

NYC Mayor Bloomberg reTouring the city's homeless

NYC Mayor Bloomberg, has no problem sending away the City's homeless, even to France with the City’s budget.  For this billionaire, who had tripled his wealth ever since he became a mayor of one of the most expensive city in the world, what counts is out of side, out of mind.

  According to the Daily beast’s Eric Pape the Homeles Family’s European Trip started with some simple math : it costs New York City about $3,000 per month per family to house its official homeless population of about 38,000, as it is required to do by law. Putting someone on a bus to Philadelphia or a plane to Charleston or even San Francisco costs a fraction of that.” “Basically, New York will fly them nearly anywhere on earth, as long as they have a family member there to receive them.” Even though in this case there was no one in Normandy to receive them.  “Since 2007, the New York Times reported last month, nearly 550 city-housed families have accepted voluntary repatriation (at a total program cost of about a half million dollars per year) to 24 states and five continents. The biggest off-shore destination is Puerto Rico, although families have been sent as far afoot as South Africa and, yes, France.  Asked about the policy of exporting the poor on CNN recently, Mayor Bloomberg made clear that the real issue is one of stark economics. The city has a choice : shell out every day to house people, or shell out once and for all to buy them a one-way ticket. On a human level, he expressed hope that it might be easier for such people to find employment and get a new start in a new place. But, at the very least, it makes for less work for the city of New York.”


I want a gun

Image copyright Andy Wahol. 

My desires to own a gun is increasing.  Maybe I am paying to much attention to the news but if things keep going the way that they are going why not a gun.  And Yes and I will bring it to my demonstrations too.  If the other side is armed, why can't my side fight back? 

Want some Dolphin for Lunch?

This trailer made me sick. To think that someone can 
actually slaughter a dolphin for commercial 
trade is sickining.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lesbian Bears @

"Female Grizzly Bears sometimes bond with each other and raise their young together as a single family unit. The two mothers become inseparable companions for a year, traveling and feeding together as they share the parenting of their cubs. Young male black bears sometimes mount their siblings, male and female. Intersexual or hermaphrodite Black and Grizzly Bears occur in some populations. These individuals are genetically female and have female internal reproductive organs, combined in various degrees with male external genitalia.[i]" quote and image form Queer    I love this site, its is great to bring to light queer evidence in nature.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mrs. Betty Bowers, explains marriage.

Ms. Betty Bower explains traditional Marriage to everyone.  After all she is America's Best Christian.

AFA family values think is OK to steals from Bilirico

I think this is great art work.  I will like to have this image by my dinning room table with candles underneath.  To show to what extent religious hypocrisy is willing to go.  It was made by a gay  artist from The Bilerico Project, Bil Browning.  The image designed to provoke and to reflect on religious hate, was stolen by The American Family Institute.  Imagine that, the morons at AFA are so fixated on their hate that they do not see how the image can easily work to dismantle their hateful agenda.  I guess culture is not part of their lives.

Guess who is Coming to the National Equality March?

Not only did, NAACP's Julian Bond Endorses The National Equality March, but he will also be a guess speaker.  Isn't that great.  " You don't get much more powerful a speaker than Julian Bond.  He has constantly stood by our community- giving rousing speeches, fighting for our causes, and demanding rights for LGBT people."  Waymon Hudson, The Bilerico Project.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Which family is Purchased and which one is not?

You will think with the hot political climate nowadays any anti-equality proposition will face, especially the Stand4MarriageMaine, proponents will take some good time to plan it right.  Well Lisa Derrick from LA FIGA highlighted that was able to reveal the image on their campaign “is simply a stock photo that they purchased.”  Imagine that, Stand4MarriageMaine is so concern about speaking for "families" in Maine, that they went to a catalogue to purchase one.   EqualityMaine  on the other hand, had no problem  finding real families from Maine to speak on their behave.  Take a look your self.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Steven Harmon 15 years old and fighting back.

Steven Harmon a 15 years old got beaten up because he is gay.  Thank you Wonder Man for keeping us inform.  Take a look at Maybe It's Just me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ms. Kitty from the Queer Whisperer Turning up the Heat.

Miss Kitty brought up to my attention the Think progress's report of a woman yelling out "Heil Hitler' to a jewish man praising Israel's national health care system."  Check it out yourself and let me know if you think that this is not a reason enough to fight back.  I am outrage that this is going on.  This bullies think that they can fucking scare  those of us that don't agreed with them.  Fox News is liable for their right win propaganda without the ability to debate the facts.  They are the real fascist repugs.

My new impersonation

As I have already addressed, I have no problem viewing myself as “Raro/queer.” Yet after a series of impersonations, including voyaging into the androgynous zone, lately I am enjoying the Male, working class, hipper description of me.  I love the appeal and the salaciousness of the look.  I enjoy the gym, the sweet and the garments of the manifestation. Yet I am in no way in favor of the exclusive muscle construct on public domain.  Hey if that is your thing, fine with me, it is just that I do not think it should monopolize the queer or LGBTGTS agenda.  But back to my point, I feel as though I am a male to male transvestite.  It isn't that I was not a male before, but perhaps that I did not paid attention to the external part of my identity, I just was someone without a specific formation or somewhat in a transitional zone.  

Pam’s House Blend introduces Trannystar Galactica

At first, with my cross cultural language challenges, I thought that this was a new Sci-Fi movie coming up to the big screen.  After hitting the post, Trannystar Galactica turned out to be a great intro for You Tube sight about Trans-gender people and Trannies.  On this particular post a good question was posted, is there such a thing as Male privilege? Check out the site, it is a wonderful depiction of a more diverse universe. .  BTW, you do not have to agree with their statements..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tokyo Gore Police is a must see.

If you are into aggressive Ninja Dolls with spike hills and unblemished mascara, and enjoy body parts flying in mid air, then you will love Tokyo Gore Police.  I am cautious when it comes to slash and guts,  I am a five on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to gore.  But this movie is actually fun.  The blood could have been more convincing.  But for the rest, the camp, the sexual perverted explicit shots, with the fighting in mid air and the different dismembering executions, I can’t wait for Tokyo Gore Police 2.

What happen when "Police abuse" gets washed down with a Beer....

A serious conversation needs to happen to stop police abuse in this country.  A Mom in NY got tasered in front of her kids. Watch "Dash Cam: Mom tasered in front of her kids in New York" in you tube. bmaz from emptywheel commented "hereto is what happens in a society that refuses to address overreaching authoritarianism and unrestrained police projection.  Moms with kids in minivans get Tasered and roughed up, in front of their children.  Why? Because the cops can with relative impunity.  The "Blue LIne" circles" the wagons around their fellow officers, prosecutors need their cooperation for prosecution and trials in actual major cases, and politicians are too cravenly worried about their next election to care."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nature has Queer Representation


from antiwar.htm

Rumor has it that Darwin was very aware that nature too had queer representation, yet he decided to ignored it, because according to him the cases were to “scarce” for him to alter his research.  Not that he was interested.   New research reveals that homosexuality, bisexuality, even cross species sexual relations and transgender animals are more common than Darwin appreciated.   Enclosed some samples including an exhibition in Oslo titled “Gay Nature.”  “Viva la Queerness”

Oslo Exhibition: Gay Animals - "Against Nature?  to view a slide show of the exhibition.

Freddie Mercado disrupting some Puerto Rican “Femme Fatale” notions.


Here are some examples of a Contemporary Puerto Rican Artist that I favor.  His message loud and clear “all identities are fictitious.”  He reevaluates Female characters both historical and fictional, obscured or devalued by the colonial-historical establishment. He brings to live, characters such as “La Madama,” or “La Dama de Las Camelias,” Or Feliza Ricon de Gautier, a feminist activist to become the first female Mayor of San Juan and the first of a Capital City in the Americas. He gives new meaning to the concept of beauty, both perceived and projected and disputes defaming notions often surrounding afro-Caribbean or indigenist personalities.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beyond Repair, This Chick is Totally damaged.

Lynddie England the chick who posed for pictures after sodomizing the detainee at Abu Ghraib, On an interview for BBC, said she has nothing to repent.  Her argument “that is nothing in comparison to what they will do to us if we were the prisoners,” and this is something that happens in campuses everywhere.  Check it out yourself. Imagine, she is fine with it, because it did not happen to her.  The level of degradation masqueraded as patriotism, is beyond comprehension.

Roseanne Barr ploys against Xenophobia.


One of the recurring trends after the collapsed of The Third Reich, is the cultural contention that most Germans were unaware of the concentration camps.  That they did not know that this was happening to the Jews, or to those arrested by the Nazis.  In a recent movie documenting an art exhibition of the Holocaust War in Germany,  the most fervent argument was that not all soldiers were killers themselves, that most of them were just following orders.  Mind you most of the exhibition was about the pictures that the soldiers themselves took in front of the corpses, but we are supposed to believe that they were just following orders. Even Neo-Nazis were shown up protesting the Art exhibition claiming that their fathers and grand parents were being demonized by the exhibition.  The trend as I see, it is one of denial of the facts, and of intolerance for the revision of any argument.  How will anyone fight against Xenophobia, when the Xenophobics themselves do not see anything wrong with there hateful message.  These images of Roseanne Barr dressed as Hitler, as first shown in  That Oven Feelin' are meant to challenge power perception and fear mongering myths so much circulating nowadays.  By Roaseanne, a Jewish woman herself dressed as a Hitler, she reversed the role of the victim by Bringing to the forefront, that yes the Holocaust did happen, and that she is prepare to fight back not with fear but with parody against its masculine power archetype.  She knows that the fight that is being presented nowadays is a cultural one, and its is basically being presented in the form of fear mongering antics, in which the presentation of swastikas are both used to intimidate and to mischaracterized history and politics. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check out a low life tearing apart a Rosa Park Sign

Pam's House Blend posted a video of a low life teabagger tearing apart a Rosa Park sign.  The incident happened at Senator McCaskill's town hall in eastern Missouri.  We can all thanks Fox News for their Racist Fear mongering shit.  

A Gay Yalie opposed to the word queer.

I am so used to politically self define myself as queer, without really giving too much thought to the concept itself. Coming out in NYC during the 80’s, right in the mists of the AIDS epidemic, the word gay had very little relevance.  I was not a priviledge  white male, with a business nor a condo in the village and a share in Fire Island. I was not interested in muscle guys with their fitted jeans and their polo shirts, in other words the poster transcripts that monopolized the archetypical gay male construct after stone wall; the “American normalized opposition to heterosexual ideals.” I was a latino, working class, City college student, with a C average, who fancied the working drag queens in the early hours by the piers, with lots of anger against my Roman Catholic hostage days, and with an incredible mistrust for anything branded “home made.”  I was a Pyramid Club regular that wore combat boots and black tube skirts with white t-shirts to dinner parties to disrupt, displeased, and amuse my self out of boredom. I was not interested in the passive aggressive fluid transmission of lust, but more into the aggressive to aggressive dynamics of power play and danger. So in recently looking for queer conversation about contemporary politics I came a cross an article at the Independent Gay Forum that caught my attention.  The article Young, Out, and Gay-Not Queer by James Kirchick proclaims that with the usage of queer, gays are at the loosing end. 

While  Kirchick does not object to the term as used by “Oxford English Dictionary”, referencing queer as to that which is “strange, odd, peculiar, eccentric, in appearance or character, (interesting enough, Oxford had to be introduced somewhere in there to make it more credible) he has “a problem when gay activists and certain academics use the word in an affirming sense to describe gay people.” To him there is nothing “strange, odd or peculiar” about homosexuality, which has existed, arguably, for nearly as long as human history itself.  The word “gay” to him is save enough to self identify yourself. 

Totally missing the point that within queer politics, the concept of homosexuality is always mapped in opposition to the heterosexual established one. Thus configuring “homos” as only fucking same sex, while “heteros” as the norm that only fucks the opposite sex.  Missing the point that heterosexuals, and homosexuals are also promoted diagnosis, and that those terms relinquish all kinds of affections into a male female, good evil, right wrong trap.  So to be ok with gay, and homosexual and not with queer, is basically to say that he wants to be passing as only an American male, that beds other American males but that does not want anyone invading his bed game.  Therefore by rejecting the term "queer", he wants to be seen as controversially disengaged from any political narrative.  To him the term queer disrupts his sense of normalcy. 

In one sentence, to Kirchick, gay = Ok, Queer = evil + dangerous.  It is to say fuck all of you that happen to be transgender, transsexual, bisexual, or anything out of the normative fixation. Your lives should be the ones interrogated, searched, and objected too, not his.   The next thing on this dude agenda is a run in a campaign trail with republicans that equates homosexuals to bestiality.  Just a warning, the "norm" that he is so much siding with, is also monopolizing the term "gay" that he is so comfortable prescribing to. But I guess he is OK with the trap.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The "death panels" are already here

The death panel that Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich so much oppose, and accused Obama of manufacturing, happen to be the same industry now running the ballot in the GOP.  Mike Madden from The Salon.Com can easily explain how the insurance companies are the death panel themselves. I wonder if Pay Pay Palin knew about this article coming out, and now has change her tactic from encroaching mischaracterization to requesting civility on the health care reform argument.  It will be nice if someone can trace her game to the Health Insurances lobbyists footsteps supporting her mess. 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pimping her down syndrome son again

I promised Ms. Kitty at The Queer Whisperer not to talk about Sarah Palin anymore, but on this one I can not stay quiet.  Pay Pay as Ms. Kitty calls her, once again shows not only her ignorance, but her greedy malice at best. 

Here she is on her resignation speech as Alaskan governor warning the media to leave her family out of the discourse, yet she uses her own down syndrome son to catch in, for her own political and financial gain.  Her heinous remark is another of her maneuvers to center stage herself for some kind of political spotlight. 

The sad part about it, is that I really do not think that she gives a shit about her own down syndrome son, her family, nor anyone else that does serve a motive in her political game.  If anyone thinks that her imbecile stance translate into anything good for women, children, family, and her own political allies, think again.  Behind her deceptiveness is her own greed.

It is amazing in reading her own face book page,  that she can actually think that she is speaking for millions of down syndrome children in this country with out a voice, parents or health care.  How will she propose a health care plan for any one  of them without one.  Will her health care insurers friends come to the rescue of them?  Or how about the working mothers, with down syndrome children, is her filthy wealthy self, speaking for any of them? 

To equate the health care reform as now been presented, to a  death panel is not only aim at distracting the dialogue but to infringe on it a demonizing overtone to cast Obama into a fascist zone.  I really hope that more people will come after her.  

Why not a blog

Lately I had spent so much time surfing the blogersphere and reading and commenting on so many other sites that I decided to just try my own.  With lots of aprehensions though cause, I'm unruly at best and undiscipline when it comes to writing. But given the nature of things right now and how drastically conservative everything is becoming, I feel I have no other choice but to at least try to tackle some of the shit that is going on right now.  Hoping you visit and comment though.