Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Award Winners

Give it to my students.

As many of you know, I work in the Bronx NYC. I travel almost 56 miles each way to go to work. I get up at 3 am every morning and guess what, I love it. I wish for it to be different. I am thinking about relocating back to the City. But I love my work. I love the product and the process of my students’ ability to create. And it is not easy. The other day some of my students, actually 3 of them on a 5th grade class, when I gave them modeling clay decided that it was cool to make dildos. I freaked out and I broked, Yet I was disable to let them understand the beauty of creating beyond TV pedagogy, rap and pop culture. I have a 5th grader that scream sex for attention and I am weary that she can not see the fact that the odds are against her, and will be against her for years to come. Yet when I get to reach those that listen, I am surprised, cause they surpass my expectations. I have award winners, sensitive creative and beautifully crafted human entities that got the message. So here are some of the product. I am proud.

Third grader award winner

Fourth grader award winner

Fifth grader award winner

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I have to give props to Nutwood Junction

I have to give props to Nutwood Junction. The other day on her blogg
Prohibiting the free exercise thereof, Beth posted about whether we should allow a Mosque to happen on Ground Zero surroundings and my response was, fuck no.
I have gone through so much stuff in my life that my patience was limited. But I totally get her point. I have no saying in others freedom of religion and where to worship.
I am just getting really weary about the state of affairs and the role of Muslim and Christianity against homos like me. You read the news and you hear about homos being killed in Christian and Muslin Africa and I say fuck why advocate on their behalf. I am not intolerant of others, I am just safeguarding my ass.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Let us know

The Israel Gaza conflict is unnerving. Here are some questions.
Why attack a group of humanitarians?
Why attack on Iternational Waters?
Why suspend all communications for Ninety minutes?
Why releasing all communications from the Israeli point of view?
I will say that sounds like bulling to me, but I want to be better inform.