Thursday, September 30, 2010

America, face your future!

I was reading at the Huffington post and came across this national catastrophe. I am not a fan of Hugo Chavez, a dictatorship is a dictatorship any where, but when millions of people say yes to a democratic elected official, why then ‘"a coup d'eta?” This hit a hard core with me, because I am a civil servant, and I believe in democracy. I believe that our work is important. Teachers, Firefighters and the Military should get pay a honorable salary. But for young boys to take over just because they have guns, I’ll say that is bulling!

This picture here can be easily transferable. And Ecuador is not Venezuela.

The parallels here is that in nowadays climate, I wont be surprised of this happening in the USA. Hey, you have enough opposition from the military and a loud group that wants Obama gone. And what do you think is going to be next on the plate "a coup d'eta.” Only that ours will be sponsored by wall street.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

When name calling backfires

Big Boys with bullies’ mind think that it is easy to intimidate. But when progressives respond, they have shit to say! This is the kind of argument that needs to move to the front.

Gender versus Race

It is a political strategy for Repugs to put women against blacks. And to put non-religious against religious ones. Americans versus migrants. Or better yet Christians against Muslim. You see the pattern here division of the masses. But how come they do not highlight the rich versus the poor. They have shit of an argument there.

Oh bad manners, I got this video from "Maybe Is Just Me" sight.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keep benefiting the rich; say good-bye to your home!

As much as I like Colbert, I still feel that when talking immigration laws you need to address global economy in relation to the US corporations that are shifting their work production abroad.

It is interesting to notice how the migration debate, only focuses on our national agenda. As a migrant myself, most people leave their homeland not because they want to, but because they are forced too. And trust me it is cold and hard up north.

During my college years I used to clean houses while attending Cooper Union, that in the first year alone, had me doing 21 credits per semester while other more pricelly institutions were requiring only twelve. My first semester, I was put on academic probation. When I mentioned to the panel that I was working and going to school, they all agreed that that was impossible. I love Cooper; they gave me a chance to advance. They raised my scholarship so that I did not have to work while going to school. I ended up with an award upon graduation.

And this is my point, while we can all blame the immigrants, why not focus that energy on the multi billionaire companies that are getting the tax brakes while shifting their production to Latin America, in where a 18,000 dollars a year job renders them middle class; forcing many other lives to leave their country. Forcing them to come north to farm work! You and me are not winning. Yet we pay a price and they leave their homes, while corporations here, with their trickle down mentality are only getting fatter and fatter.

Is that going to be the landscape of third world America; where Americans are going to be force to migrate while targeted because doing the menial jobs that the hosting nation does not want to perform?

The repugs argument is that we need to address salary scales for native workers, yet I do not see an agenda from their platform addressing this concern. I see more and more Sarah Palins look alike claiming they stand for regular moms, while they have shit to offer.

This is not that I am going against immigrants. I can't. But how in hell are you going to help other nations while the fat cats here are eating the mice?

Keep benefiting the rich; say good-bye to your home!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Rhythmic Gymnastics 2010: Frighteningly Flexible Girls Showcase Their Skills

I love the Huffington Post. And this is why, you see gymnasts girls working their craftsmanship, you see how the body is a temple. I do not call that "frighteningly;" I call that awesome!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intelligence takes over

Mother Jones has a great piece for all democratic districts; reshape and play the foul game. Once you learn the game, you are ready to play.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Girl effect

Girl effect, are you listening? Do I need to say more? Get active!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surprise, Surprised!

Look who is defending Obama?

I am delighted that this event took place. I am not a fan of Collin Powell but I truly hope that with this one he stir up some, and that Americans start seeing the escalating racism going on.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dude you have no Quran

The stakes are getting high.

This piece went viral. To me this is an option, to what I mentioned before, on my blog.

“Dude you have no Quran
” is a strategy to include a voice lacking in our media. Here, with his taxing noise, Jacob Isom challenges the idea that burning of the Quran is not an option.

I am not a friend of religious institutions, but on this case the dude made his point. I will not go into a dismantling scheme for why I like the number.

I will rather have you do the work. Is this an alternative or not?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joy speaks and got us some treasure

On new blog discovery

Joy is my heroine. She speaks with the knowledge that is lacking our dialectics. She speaks on behalf you and me. Please visit her and let her know that she is the voice we need.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tea Party Tinderbox

After reading the "TEA PARTY TINDERBOX?" on MOTHER JONES, my level of optimism reached an all time low. I always hope that reason and conversation will always settle the grounds for prosperity. However on today’s hot climate settling two opposites sites to counter act each other, is a recipe for disaster. Specially, when they are about to meet on the same field.

Allan has always been the cheerleader on the home, yet even him sees my pessimistic side as an apocalyptic sign.

It is easy to blame the Tea Party crowd for their intolerance, but how come they are still gaining grounds, when we have Keith Olberman's national coverage?

As as dyslexic man, whenever I see him on TV, I keep hoping that he will talk to my understanding. He uses language that is foreign even to me that have a Masters Degree. I do not think that Americans are stupid, I think that the progressive media keeps ignoring that most folks are too tired to even enjoy television; let alone understand how big money is behind the Tea Party movement. Progressive Media uses language and dialogues that is shaped for the smart ones only; the elite of language; the Harvard graduates, that in some cases got us in the jam that we are today.

So how will you come to an agreement, when the information you have either comes from Glen Beck or from Keith Olberman? Shouting will be the answer, and when that fails, guns will come handy. And already Tea Baggers have the NRA, and the Second Amendment on their side.

And this is my point, if progressive people do not have the points that they can share with the opposite site, in a form that can lead to a dialogue, that dialogue will have less of a chance to happen. Progressive media has the means to do that, but they keep ignoring to enunciate a message that can override the Glen Beck and Sara Palin’s followers.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Linda McMahon is another wolf on sheep clothes

Linda McMahon is another danger to our lives. She is a Repug, that have spent over 28 millions dollar of her own account to secure her GOP denomination. Imagine her speaking on the behalf of millions of American that live paycheck by paycheck. Like the Sarah Palin of the corporations and the Arizona Governor, she is still brainless enough to think that without hard working Americans, that struggle for their living, her profitable living will be gone.

So lets give her the opportunity to shine, lets have campaign opponent Richard Blumenthal, make her reason.

The irony of this, is that she does make her living on wrestlers that are so appealing to working class America. Her greed spells out another Bloomberg on the making; that while he has triple his billions, thousands of New Yorkers are homeless and shipped abroad.

I am rallying behind Richard Blumenthal.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bronson, the movie

Its a journey into the unfairness of prison. It is based on the true story of Prisoner BT1314, and how Michael Peterson supposedly became the most violent prisoner in all Britain’s Penal History.

His first crime in 1974, in which he stole a mere £26.18, landed him a sentenced to 7 years, for a robbery in which no one was hurt. For a criminal who has never killed anyone, Bronson has spent 30 out of 34 years in solitary confinement, subjected to both physical and psychological brutality, all throughout his incarceration.

The movie was skillfully crafted using first person narrative and monologues to illustrate Bronson’s attitudes against the system.

The actor playing Bronson was a fine male specimen perfect for the part.

Yet to me Bronson is just a great performance artist, who was able to master body over mind, in spite of all the cultural, political and social pressures against his time.His name was changed by his fight promoter in 1987. It had nothing to do with the actor Charles Bronson's film "Death Wish" as is usually reported in the newspapers.

He is now 55 years of age.

He has NEVER killed anyone!

He has now spent 34 years in prison, 30 of those years have been in solitary confinement.

Yet the guy can fight

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz.

After much insistence from my Hubby I just finished reading “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz.

And the novel turned me out. I know that the Caribbean is replete with political horrors, but never have I read a book that delineates how those horrors, surpass way past generations, even after their villain dictators are gone.

I new that Trujillo was a bastard, a demon or Fuku as Junot refers to. But Shit generations after his ruthless dictatorship, the dude left his damage on the lives of the Dominican Republic. A damage that even years after his death, people are still not convinced that they can’t stand up against injustice.

Junot tried to make it easy for you to understand the suffering of his people, but even when the novel is a love story, the final outcome spells out political evils and degradation.