Saturday, October 16, 2010

NPR not so much for the Public than for their Party

I have posted before about NPR, but now I can validate some of my skepticism about their political programming. I listen to it constantly I am addicted to it but for a political junkie like me I've been feeling shortchanged about my fix. They have a wide variety of programs that stimulate my mind. But I have noticed that since 2008 election their coverage was less than impartial. I claimed that they are skewing their views. Now I can prove that they are doing so.

The latest is the memo sent warning any NPR staffers showing up for the John Stewart rally in Washington DC on October 30, as reported by the Huffington Post. And here are some of my other concerns. How come the memo now and not before Glen Beck’s charade?

When ever they make a reference to a political candidate they start by given air wave to the republican ones, and then they have a rebuttal from the democratic one and just when you think that the argument is settle, the republican one gets the last words. Even Christine O’Donnell gets this preferential treatment. Even though she has no substance what so ever, to a passive listener, she is right only because she has the last word and comes from NPR.

But it goes further than that. The other day while stock in traffic, I was listening to a segment in were one of Bush’s administrators came in favor of the Chambers of Commerce and their anonymous donors, so I am listening to this hoping a good come back to his BS, and their was none. The last statement I recalled was he saying it does not matter where the funds comes from, as long as the massage is of substance. Are you fucking kidding me this is coming from the mouth of one of the worst perpetrator of public interference? Is he one to validate me that I am supposed to be OK with corporations stealing our political process? Isn’t him a member of a gang that paid no attention to Wall Street yet let the market crashed to then give corporations a bail out for their failures? Should I be reaffirmed that there is no valid point to any accusations against Cross Roads and Karl Roves maneuvering?

Another issue that increased my Eyebrows is why are they getting money from an organization that is opposing our elected government like American for Prosperity who launches serious attacks on our government? Isn’t NPR supposed to stand for National Public Radio? Why are they so bested in debunking our present government?


  1. I am speechless at how disinterested the media in general seem to be about the Chamber of Commerce story. I also find it odd that when they do cover it they make sure to have some dismissive pundit on to say there isn't any proof. They completely ignore the fact that the secrecy that the Supreme Court ruling allowed makes it damn near impossible to get proof. I think proof will eventually come from some guilt ridden employee that sneaks our documents.

  2. When listening to NPR< I have gotten some twinges that made me think they were skewing a little to the right, too. That's really odd, of course the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has their Republican clutches into the public TV and radio networks, so I am not surprised if they are exerting some pressure. Because we all know that Repubs like to threaten and exert influence to hide the truth, rather than explore the facts and use intelligence to analyze them. It's the only way they could ever win...anything.

  3. I think it comes down more to the long term commentators, and their personal bias, than to a coordinated effort from NPR.