Thursday, September 30, 2010

America, face your future!

I was reading at the Huffington post and came across this national catastrophe. I am not a fan of Hugo Chavez, a dictatorship is a dictatorship any where, but when millions of people say yes to a democratic elected official, why then ‘"a coup d'eta?” This hit a hard core with me, because I am a civil servant, and I believe in democracy. I believe that our work is important. Teachers, Firefighters and the Military should get pay a honorable salary. But for young boys to take over just because they have guns, I’ll say that is bulling!

This picture here can be easily transferable. And Ecuador is not Venezuela.

The parallels here is that in nowadays climate, I wont be surprised of this happening in the USA. Hey, you have enough opposition from the military and a loud group that wants Obama gone. And what do you think is going to be next on the plate "a coup d'eta.” Only that ours will be sponsored by wall street.

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  1. As I tried to point out to someone about a year ago,who was singing the praises of Hugo Chavez, the guy is a typical dictator. He may have started out "for the people" but now he just hires a tailor to help dress him for the part while he does what any other greedy bully would do if they got enough power...gain absolute power. As you said, this could be our future if teabaggers and corporations get their way. If I was still talking to the person I would direct him to your post.